The Natural World in Close Up

Steve Hopkin combines his work as a Senior Lecturer in Zoology at Reading University, and Scientific Associate in Entomology at the Natural History Museum London, with a keen interest in the Natural World. In addition to books on soil animals, he has published a number of articles in the scientific and popular press on the biology and effects of pollution (ecotoxicology) on soil animals (PUBLICATIONS). Steve has a particular interest in the tiny wingless arthropods called Collembola, commonly known as springtails (COLLEMBOLA FACTS), and has recently completed an Illustrated Atlas of their distribution in the UK and Ireland (COLLEMBOLA MAPS). He also acts as a consultant for Government Agencies and provides invertebrate identification support for Environmental Impact Assessment (CONSULTANCY). Steve teaches a course on spider identification at Reading University and is County Recorder for Cornwall for the National Spider Recording Scheme (CORNISH SPIDERS).
     Steve is also a keen wildlife photographer and has built up an extensive collection of photographs of living Collembola (
COLLEMBOLA PHOTOS). However, his portfolio covers a wide range of other subjects. A selection of these images can be browsed by accessing the web site of his main agent ARDEA LONDON, clicking on 'Photographers' in the title bar, then selecting 'Steve Hopkin' from the list. He also has pictures placed with GETTY IMAGES. These can be viewed by entering 'Hopkin' in the search facility on their web site.
     Selected images are available as
LIMITED EDITION PRINTS and GREETINGS CARDS. Some of these have featured in EXHIBITIONS in Reading and are in the permanent collections of a number of institutions and private collections in the UK and Mainland Europe.